Senin, 19 November 2012

Developer Meeting Notes, November 18, 2012

Blender 2.65 seems to be coming along nicely with a first test build planned for next week.  Also, OSL (Open Shading Language – see this demo) is working on all platforms now!

Brecht van Lommel Says:

Hi all,
Notes from today’s meeting in #blendercoders
a) 2.65 Release Status
  • We will do a test build next week, tuesday earliest, but may be a few days later. Only OSL bugs and build issues are holding it up now, should be solved in the next days.
b) Last week
  • Sergey finished image threading safe improvements. Needs more speed tests of Blender Internal with multi-core system (especially OSX run on Xeon stations which was an issue in the past)
  • Sergey and Bastien wrote a script which installs and compiles dependencies for linux. This script replaces pre-compiled libraries from the svn. Wiki pages were updated.
  • OS X 10.8 + boost::locale + OCIO issue should be solved now, by using the 10.7 SDK for builds.
  • OSL is now supposed to be working for all platforms expect for the issues mentioned below. Thanks all for the hard work, seems this was a somewhat painful experience :)
c) Next week
  • Test build! We’ll let platform maintainers know when we’re ready.
  • Brecht looks into OSL issues and getting cycles motion blur working on GPU. OSL building still has 3 issues to solve: some crashes on windows (connecting float to color socket), scons link errors on windows, and 32 bit not working on mac.
  • Sergey will spend time on motion tracker, solving issues with masked tracking.
  • Thomas works on release notes for test build.
To all developers: please check bug tracker for important bugs, and add release notes for big features you added!
d) Other Projects
  • Nicholas reports progress is being made on dyntopo, it’s much more stable now than a week or two ago.
  • Howard mentions he will likely merge bridge tool improvements from summer of code for the 2.66 release.
Thanks, Brecht.

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