Senin, 19 November 2012

Digital Thief

By Metin Seven.

Metin Says:
A client asked me for an illustration to be used in the header of his website ‘Bakje’ means ‘tray’ in Dutch, and the site is a virtual tray for all kinds of links, videos, images, etcetera.
The client suggested something with a thief, and gave me freedom in the concept and style of the image.
I modeled the thief’s body, arms, hands, legs and shoes using the fabulous new Skin modifier in Blender 2.64, did the head and monitor with good old poly modeling, and the other parts are standard Blender meshes such as cylinders and extruded text, a little modified where necessary.
Materials and rendering were executed using Cycles, and the image was finalized with some post-processing in Photoshop.
Best regards from the Netherlands,
Metin Seven

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